TechKnowledg-e Day - Innovation for Modern Digital Advancements

On Wednesday April 18, 2018 at the Beirut Campus the School of Business, MIS Department invited the university and wider community to the Innovation for Modern Digital Advancements TechKnowledg-e Day. The School of Business, MIS department was honored to provide a platform for the integration of diversified knowledge management domains within academia and industry, in the endeavor to connect human thoughts in a rapidly changing universe.
The event was an opportunity to make a change within the learning process of our educational institution where active learning allows the mind to be free and in practice to think out of the box. The department launched the MIS Student Chat Bot, which was developed by Tripoli campus students with the support and collaboration of CodenDot.
It is evident that the world is constantly changing with technological advancements creating automation in numerous fields, however what we have come to realize is that although scientific progress strides within the ecosystems it is the art of human intellect that is the fundamental aspect for the development of individuals, organizations, communities, and nations.
The change being made is the implementation of the human emotion within the e-motion of the information system within various domains. The sense of connecting humanity within science crosses boundaries to reach global standards of sharing knowledge.
The following is an overview of the event.

Session I
Opening Ceremony and Insights of Keynote
Dr. Hassan Chamas, Presenter
Dr. Bilal Jibai, Chairperson, MIS Department
Dr. Farid Abdallah, Dean of School of Business
Dr. Samir Abou Nassif, Vice President
Mr. Omar Zein, Head of Innovation-Planning and PM COO of Bank Audi
Dr. Nabil Badr – Advisor to the C Suite, Past President, Lebanese Association for Information Systems
Mr. Asaad Saccal, President of Nejmeh Club and VP of Saccal Holding

LIU – MIS Student Chat Bot Presentation
Mr. Abdallah Inabtawi
Ms. Donia Agha
Ms. Mireille Awik
Moderator: Mr. Ziad El Hayek

Session II
Panel Discussion I
Colonel Engineer Samir Boustani, Division of Service and Information, General Directorate of State Security
Major Rabih Baghdadi, Chief of Education Department of IT Lebanese Army
First Lieutenant Youssef Sidani, Electrical & Computer Engineer, Department of Studies & Information Training, Website Division, General Security
Moderator: Ms. Nada El Mais

Panel Discussion II
Mr. Mohamad Al Hachimi – CISCO
Mr. Gebran Gebran – Head of Customer Experience of Bank Audi
Ms. Mona Itani – Founder of Riyada for Social Innovation SAL
Ms. Nisreen Deeb – ArabWIC Chair, Lebanon Chapter
Ms. Yusr Sabra – Founder of Wakilni
Ms. Noura Ismail – Strategy Manager, Talent Beyond Boundaries
Moderator: Ms. Lina Shouman

Panel Discussion III
Youth Entrepreneurial Startup Achievers
Mr. Ibrahim Ezzeddine, Cherpa
Mr. Basel Jalaleddine, Cherpa
Mr. Mohamad Sabouneh, Moodfit
Moderator: Ms. Nisreen Deeb

Session III
Workshop I
Maneissa Co. - Telecommunication and Home Automation
Blackhorse Business Center - Strategies and Tools to Boost your Business Online

Workshop II
Keen International - Social Entrepreneurship
CISCO – Network Programmability and Cisco Developer Network

Workshop III
MIS Department – Wikipedia and Tableau

Supported By
Bank Audi
Lebanese Internal Forces
Saccal Holding
Beirut Marathon Association
Limitless Lab
Digital Age
Riyada for Social Innovation SAL
BIU-LIU School of Business