Welcome to the The International University of Beirut (BIU). The admissions process is very simple, easy, and can partially be done online. You must first fill out an application form online at You then, should pass by the admissions office to set a placement exam date and hand-in some papers required for your file.

Application Documents

  • Photocopy of the national identity or Photocopy of valid passport
  • Two passport-size photos
  • Family Identification
  • The certificate of the Lebanese Baccalaureate: Life Science (LS), General Science (GS), Literature and Humanities (LH), and Economics and Sociology (ES) or an equivalent degree, authenticated by the MEHE
  • Original certificate of the National Social Security Fund coverage or its equivalent
  • Payment for file opening and admission placement test fees

Applicants must sit for University Placement tests (UPT) which vary from one school to another depending on schools requirements. The various tests along with their abbreviations are listed below. It should be noted that students with a score of 50 % (High School/Secondary School Grades) and above in any of the UPT subjects may be exempted from the corresponding subject placement test except for Pre-Pharmacy applicants

Placement Test Code Placement Test Title
MESPT Mathematics for Economics & Sociology Placement Test
MGSLSPT Mathematics for General Sciences & Life Sciences Placement Test
PPT Physics Placement Test
CPT Chemistry Placement Test
BPT Biology Placement Test
EPT English Placement Test
FLPT French Language Placement Test

Each student who completes his or her placement test has the chance to pursue his or her academic studies. Students in light of placement results who need extra help academically will be placed in remedial courses that seek to reinforce or strengthen their skills to succeed. Once placement exams are completed you will receive an orientation and be able to register online.

BIU offers the student a variety of programs at freshman and undergraduate levels to choose from. Students can also transfer from other universities to BIU and their curriculum transcript will be reviewed to see which courses may be transferable towards their program of study at BIU.